I don’t know about you, but changing my habits to be more environmentally conscious is on my mind all the time. A lot of people are making changes, from ditching straws, to recycling. Here are some things you can do around the office to make an eco-friendly impact in your office!

Achieve a Paperless Office

Move everything you can from paper to digital. This is a great way to reduce the use of paper. If it's necessary to have paper, see if there are ways to condense the content. I’ve had forms that where 8 pages long, with unnecessary information, that I was able to get down to two pages with a quick redesign. 

Plan a Clothing Swap

One of the biggest contributors to landfill is clothing waste. More than 15 million tons of used textile waste is generated each year in the United States. A great way to minimize textile waste and still introduce new outfits to your closet is to swap it. Textiles are also easily recycled, so if there is anything leftover, take it to your local thrift shop or recycling center using this Recycling Locator.

Sitting area in an up-cycled office space.Fix Things Instead of Buying New

One of the best ways to be eco-friendly is to reduce consumption. Instead of jumping on buying new things, fix the old ones or buy a used one. Buying used furniture, or fixing a broken printer in the office can reduce the amount of waste your office has. If it can’t be fixed, look into how it can be recycled. There are a lot of great tech recycling programs out there!

Have a Set of Reusable Dishes in the Office

Instead of having to use a disposable cups, stock the kitchen with some mugs! Encourage the use of reusable dishes can reduce a significant amount of waste. Aim to have a plastic-free kitchen!

Use Natural Lighting

If you are lucky enough to have large windows in your office, why bother turning on the lights. Save some energy and soak in the sunlight. Painting the walls a bright color will also help light reflect through the office. 

Get Some Plants!

Not only are the beautiful, they also purify the air. Bloomscape.com has an amazing selection of plants, and you can choose how easy they are to care for and if they are air purifying! If you are refreshing the look of your office, why not add some plants brighten the space as well. 

Office building with a live plant wall.Work From Home

If this is possible for your company, set days where employees can work from home. This can help reduce gas consumption and energy consumption in the office.


Have a gardener as an employee, or a local farm in need of compost? Have a designated bin to compost things like paper towels, food scraps, and compostable coffee filters. Not only does this reduce waste, but it also helps vegetation thrive and grow.

Check Out Some Green Alternatives to Office Supplies

There are a lot of environmentally conscious options on the market, from post-consumer recycled paper, to refillable pens. There are also great eco-friendly cleaning supplies. Check out Office Depot / Office Max for some fun eco-friendly options!

Set Goals!

Setting goals is a great way to keep on track. To celebrate Earth Day,  we weighed our waste daily to compare how much we were able to recycle vs. waste for a month. Each day we strived to do better. There are many other types of goals you can set, like building awareness, recycling goals, or plans to switch to green practices.


Justine Smith is a Graphic Designer for Excelerate America, the fun, smart service for businesses looking to level up. Do you know of any cool small biz automation tools? Share them with Justine by emailing her at justine.smith@excelerateamerica.com


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