Raise your hand if you thought Facebook would become the go-to app that everyone checked multiple times daily and lived by day in and out.


Not me. I was hesitant to join the social channel back in 2007, but after I did I never looked back. And while I am not as prevalent on the app as others these days, I still get joy out of seeing what friends and family are up to, and checking out old picture albums.

Facebook and all it’s glory (and frustrations) has changed the game.

But what’s next? Has there been an app that’s come even close to its domination? Not really.

Will there be an app to challenge FB anytime soon? Perhaps.

There are a million apps available these days, and new ones released every day that are all aiming to become the next big thing.

So what are some of these intriguing, potentially game-changing apps? I’ve rounded up three that I think have the most potential to go big time.


Move over gig economy. It’s time to make room for the skills economy, and Jyve is leading the charge.

Jyve is “The business optimization platform and talent marketplace that enables brands and retailers to get things done.”

It allows small business owners to connect with a vetted pool of people that they can hire to complete tasks like stocking, ordering, auditing, and display building.

Brad Oberwager, founder and CEO, said Jyve currently works with retailers, grocers, and consumer packaged goods brands.

As the platform expands, Jyve hopes to offer its services to more small businesses and further grow this new skill economy.

Male staff holding a digital tablet and checking grocery products on the shelf in supermarketContrary to the gig economy, where workers are locked into one role (like shopping for Shipt), skill economy workers can be effective in several roles and build their skills as they accept new tasks and challenges in different workspaces.

So the small business wins because they can farm out simple tasks they don’t have the time or full-bandwidth for, and a professional can develop their skills to complete those tasks.

That’s a total win-win that makes Jyve a super exciting app to watch.

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BlackBird is a startup that links travelers to plans and commercial pilots through an app.

It launched in 2016 and has spent the last two years honing its business model as well as adding commercial pilots and members.

How does it work? Essentially it aims to replace driving through flights by connecting users to commercial private plane pilots.

It sounds super swanky right? But who doesn’t love the idea of being able to forgo a twelve-hour car ride for a two-hour flight that doesn’t come with a millionaire's price tag?

“When most people think about… flying non-commercially, they think about huge jets with couches and for billionaires,” BlackBird CEO and Founder Rudd Davis said. “And that is not the entirety of general aviation; there’s a huge aspect of aviation that is flying in smaller planes. It just hasn’t really been as accessible.”

They’ve also brought some big names on board including Brian Hsu, who spent ten years at eBay and was recently the vice president of supply at Lyft (another successful disruptor of the past ten years).

It’ll be super interesting to see if BlackBird can come through on its mission to disrupt air travel for all.


Magic is another sort of skills economy app, except this one is for everyone.

It works like your 24/7 virtual assistant. Simply text or email and ask for anything and Magic will get it done for you.

Yes, you really can ask for anything! (Within legal capabilities obviously).

You can text Magic to set up a doctor’s appointment, order a rental car, or even pick up the credit card you left at the bar last night (whoops!).

Magic’s fully trained assistants and full-time employees are also guaranteed to respond within seconds to minutes. The app also utilizes its exclusive in-house software capabilities to learn your preferences over time. Let’s say you always order a large pepperoni pizza on Friday nights. It’ll learn that and ask you if you want to order that delicious pie before you’ve had a chance to text them.

It’s just that amazing and easy.

It does come at a cost though. Getting started with Magic will cost you $0.59/minute. It doesn’t seem like a lot but could add up depending on your request. On the positive side, there’s no monthly fee, no minimums, you only pay for what you use, and you can cancel anytime.

Magic indeed!


Leslie Youngblood is the Creative Director for Excelerate Americathe fun, smart service for small businesses. So what do you think of these app picks? Let her know by emailing her at leslie.youngblood@excelerateamerica.com.

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