By Leslie Youngblood

By now, you must've heard many times over about the importance of video in small business marketing, and this is for a multitude of reasons. For example, the modern customer likes to see products in action, videos build trust, and videos appeal more to mobile users. In fact, 90% of consumers watch videos on their phone.

Ok, so you know all this right? Now, how to up your game with videos in 2019? I have some simple tips to help you make YouTube work more for you moving forward.

1. Understand Your People

A change that YouTube made late last year was that it got rid of suggestions by the channel and now has suggestions based on what is similar to what you engage with most.

In other words, YouTube’s AI is trying to predict what each viewer will watch and uses signals like how many times you watch one video or whether you subscribe to determine the other options it serves up to visitors.

This means that you have to understand your audience and what they want moreso than ever. If you do, YouTube will promote the videos for you.

The better you know your audience and create content they’re interested in, the greater chance those videos will get in front of the right eyeballs and get you more views, and subsequently more followers and then more customers too.

Your customers want videos! So give 'em some.

2. Start To Love The Longterm

More and more channels are growing quickly with storytelling and more long-form content.

If you look at look at the Joe Rogan channel for example, it’s doing very well with long-form stories and conversations covering all sorts of topics with guests from all sorts of backgrounds.

This is contrary to what the industry previously thought, which was to keep videos shorter and sweeter.

Here's the thing: People love stories. And people will stick around to watch something that resonates with them, and that interests them.

So how to create longer videos? Try telling stories about you that are true and show transparency or vulnerability. Sharing your struggles resonates with people.

If you'd like to tackle a new topic, read up on the topic before implementing it. You want to make sure you present yourself as an expert in every video you create.

Need a little help with the longform? Check out our friends, Fiverr. We can even hook you up with 20% off your first order. 

3. Translate To Dominate!

Here’s something that surprised me: There is HUGE growth coming in India and Asia Pacific regions for YouTube.

Translations will especially be important for educational channels because many forms of education can be applied by anyone around the world.

When it comes to more entertainment-oriented videos, it can be different depending on the genre (comedy, gaming, stunts, etc.). You may even choose to do separate channels for different languages. Many times a Spanish version, for example, will do better because there's less competition than the English one.

To do translations, go to the “Edit” page of one of your videos and click “Translations” next to “Basic Info”. Then, get the translations made and upload them.

You can also use a tool like TubeBuddy to tell you the top spoken languages by your audience just like it shows in the screenshot below for my channel.

While translations might not be the first thing you should do for your channel, it’s definitely going to grow in importance in the coming years. By paying attention to it now and adding it in organically, you’ll guarantee that your channel and your business will be at the forefront of a changing landscape.

And there you have it! My top three ways to make YouTube work better for you in 2019.

How many of you are working on expanding your YouTube channel this year? Or have considered adding new longform videos or a different kind of video series?

Let me know in the comments.


Leslie Youngblood is the Creative Director for Excelerate Americathe fun, smart service for small businesses. Tell Leslie how you try to keep up with the latest technology trends by emailing her at

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