By Heidi Wilcox

The holidays are coming!

And one thing's for sure: Meetings can be really challenging to schedule during the holiday season. Especially the ones with prospects you’ve been working hard to book. You know, the ones that you’re so close to closing but they keep pushing back the meeting date due to parties, other end-of-year business they need to get done, and vacation time.

Below are a few tips to follow for those meetings you do get on the books to ensure they really do happen and are super productive.

TIP #1: Make the meeting convenient.

When scheduling the meeting show them you are flexible. Give them three to four options including taking them out to lunch or bringing in lunch if that works better for them.

Especially around the holidays, many people are looking to get out of the office at some point during the day. A different setting also sets a more easy-going atmosphere as opposed to the traditional meeting room stand-by.

Important note about this one though! Just because your location is more relaxed, don't lose sight of your ultimate goal! It is in your best interest to get agreements signed or commitments to hit your sales targets.

Redhead holding hot drink and using laptop at christmas in the living roomTIP #2: Let them know what you are meeting about.

If it's been awhile they have probably forgotten where you are at in your discussions.

It is best to let them know ahead of time what needs to take place so if they need to add a decision maker to your meeting or need more information to be prepared to make a decision they can ask ahead of time and come to the meeting prepared.

The last think you want to happen is to have to make ANOTHER meeting to get things finalized.

TIP #3: Send them a few reminders.

Your prospect is busy. You're busy. Everyone's busy. That is why you have had to reschedule so many times.

Make sure you have a few reminders set up the week before and the day before your meeting. That way there's a lesser chance that your prospect will not come in unprepared or try to cancel the meeting at the last minute.

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TIP #4: Start the meeting off with a gift!

It is the holiday season after all. Come in cheerful and with a small gift.

Whether it's store-bought cookies or a gift basket or a small trinket, a gift will surely start the meeting off with the right tone and will make everyone feel more joyous and relaxed.


Heidi Wilcox is a Director of Market Development for Excelerate America, the ultimate one-stop shop for entrepreneurs. Leave her a comment on what you do to make sure your holiday meetings happen. Just shoot her an email at

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