By Heidi Wilcox

I LOVE selling.

As weird as that may sound it's true. I find it fun to talk to a lot of different people, learn about new companies, and hey, it makes me feel good to close a deal.

Closing a deal means that I was able to get someone to believe in me enough to choose me to provide them with a product or service.

However, the challenge with being in sales is it can become a grind. Talking about the same thing day after day, appointment after appointment, can be exhausting.

Picture yourself. In the beginning, giving your presentation is fun. You're learning new tricks. You refine your pitch and you start seeing results. New clients start rolling in and you’re super stoked- You're on fire. Your energy is high, and you go into each meeting ready to get that agreement signed.

Then after awhile, you slowly start to get bored. It’s not as exciting, and maybe you’re not seeing the same results. Suddenly it seems like you're just going through the motions, and it becomes increasingly harder to stay motivated during your calls. You lose interest. Womp, womp.

This, my friend, is the classic burnout effect. It affects the way you talk, the way you interact with the prospects on the other end of the phone, and it affects your ability to close deals. Which makes you unhappy.

This is a common problem. I've gone through this myself, and I know how hard it can be to stay motivated. So I’m giving you five simple tricks to escape sales burnout:

1. Change your routine

If you spend most of your time selling and moving on then you are stuck in the grind. When I start to notice I'm getting bored and am having a hard time doing my pitch AGAIN, I take a break. I'll think of something else that would be beneficial to do and add it to my calendar. For me that's following up with current customers. It is very gratifying to call someone who I sold our service to. They really liked me in the sales process so of course it makes them feel good that I am looping back to make sure they are happy. In most cases, they have something they needed to be solved and by me being the one who followed up I secured my relationship with them.

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2. Mix up your pitch

When you are fortunate enough to have so many calls, one way to avoid boredom is to practice new techniques. It can be something like switching up your opening or closing comments, or changing the questions you ask. In doing this, you'll discover new strategies and techniques that will make you standout. It'll make the sales seem less repetitive, and it's a perfect way to find ways to improve your skills.

3. Talk to other people

When things are going badly for me in the sales game, I tend to feel like I’m the only one struggling, but that’s not the case. Talking to other sales people, my teammates, or even my family really helps me blow off some steam, gather new ideas, and rediscover my passion. After this I can usually create a plan for addressing my sales problems and starting fresh.

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4. Take time for yourself

When you feel like a sales zombie, it’s your mind telling you that you need to slow down. Whether it’s a weekend trip, reading a book, exercise, spending time with family and friends, going shopping or seeing a movie, make sure you are doing something outside of sales from time to time. We’ve all heard of those studies that say taking time off actually makes you more productive at work. Then you can return refreshed and recharged rather than feeling like a robot.

5. Stop wasting time on the wrong accounts

I can’t tell you the number of times that I have been really excited about a high-potential customer, only to discover that I was way off-base. Wasted productivity on poor prospects is one of the biggest contributors to sales burnout and it happens easily, even to the best of us. Half of the battle is knowing who the right prospects are – in this case, quality definitely trumps quantity.

These five easy tricks really make a difference to spice up my week. Try it out and let me know if it helps.


Heidi Wilcox is a Director of Market Development for Excelerate America, the ultimate one-stop shop for entrepreneurs. Leave her a comment on what you do to help avoid sales burnout. Just shoot her an email at

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