Are you looking to build your team this year? Or maybe looking to join a new team?

This past January marked the 100th straight month of US job growth, the longest streak on record, and business optimism continues to remain strong too. That means that if you’re a growing small business owner you might be looking to build your team this year. If you’re a working professional, this means it could be a good time to explore your options.

So it’s a good time for hiring across the board: Businesses are now competing for the best people, and the best people aren’t looking to settle for so-so.  

That’s competition baby, and businesses have started using some unique ways to set themselves apart.

What’s the most unusual thing you’ve been offered to entice you to a new job? Perhaps just something simple like bagel Fridays or free snacks in the break room?

Well, that takes us to number one: 

1. Free Food

People love freebies, and having to not think about breakfast one day a week, or snacks to keep on hand are definitely something proven to entice new employees to sign on that dotted line.

Even if you’re a small business, grabbing a small breakfast or free weekly or monthly snack for your team is a lightweight budget line item that goes a long way.

Try a catered breakfast or lunch a few times a year.

2. Personalized Swag

Another unique hiring promise is giving someone a personalized coffee mug. I’m not talking about a mug with just the company logo, but a mug with that person’s picture on it or a picture of a special avatar that they can create.

This is another way to do a freebie that’s really unique and that people will notice.

Just think of a new potential hire touring your office or space and seeing others mugs - or some kind of other personal swag. It’s something that catches their eye and makes you stand out to them.

Need some general hiring help? Check out our friends, Justworks.

3. Unlimited Time Off

Woooo hooooo!

This is like, the be all end all perk for anyone, especially those who prioritize flexibility in their work schedule.

Now I’m sure there are naysayers or tradionalists who may think this is bananas, but studies have found that people don’t take as much time off as you think they do or that they think they will.

Plus, if you have a solid employee or know you’re a dependable employee, they and you won’t take advantage of the system.

4. Freedom Of Location.

Some businesses allow their employees to work from the office, or anywhere else that strikes their fancy.

Many managers have seen that being stuck in the office all day hinders creativity and motivation.

This perk leads in to our final share...

5. Management Freedom

See a theme here? Freedom and freebies reign!

Management freedom is when companies allow their employees to pick the hours they work each day.

If you’re a morning person maybe you decide to start at 6 and end at 3. Or, if you get your mind going late at night you can work during the midnight hours.

While quite unconventional, management freedom makes sense because it allows the company to lean into the individual’s strengths. As long as the work gets done what’s the difference or harm?

So what do you think? Do you like management freedom concept? Would you ever include it as an attribute to entice a new hire to your business? What about the other options we discussed? Let us know in the comments.


Leslie Youngblood is the Creative Director for Excelerate Americathe fun, smart service for small businesses. Tell Leslie about what you think about these unique hiring practices by emailing her at

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