By Emily LaDrig

It is so frustrating to set a goal and not achieve it. Even worse is when you repeatedly fall short of reaching those precious things that you aim for.

The truth about failed goals is that most people don’t achieve them because they didn’t know how to set and accomplish goals effectively.

There are many common mistakes people make with setting goals, but there are also surefire ways to fix them too.

Fortunately for you, you don’t have to fall victim to these mistakes for 2019 because I put together the seven reasons why you're not achieving your goals. Check them out to course-correct and know what to avoid in the new year.

1. You make your goals too vague.

Instead of having a vague goal of “increase sales,” make your goals specific. Think along the lines of something like, “Increase average order size by 10%.”

2. You only list your long-term goals.

Long-term goals tend to fizzle out because you’re stuck on the larger view rather than what you need to accomplish in the here and now.

Instead, list out all the short-term goals involved with your long-term goal. By listing out the things you can accomplish more quickly and easily you’ll focus more on doing what’s in front of you. You'll then realize how much closer you are to that larger goal in no time.

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3. You leave your goals in your head.

Don’t keep your goals stuck in that beautiful brain of yours.

Write them down somewhere and keep them visible. It’s a way of making your goals real and holding yourself accountable for achieving them. Plus, you are two times more likely to achieve the goal if it is written down.

4. You only focus on achieving one goal at a time, and you struggle each time.

In order to keep achieving your goals, one right after the other, you need to build the healthy habits to do so. For instance, if you want to write a book, develop a habit of writing each morning. If you want to lose weight and eventually run a marathon, develop a habit of running each morning. Focus on building habits, and your other future goals will come easier.


Studies show that it takes about 66 days on average to change or develop a habit.


5. You get discouraged with your mess-ups.

You will need confidence and momentum if you want to keep plowing through the obstacles of accomplishing your goals. Start your day with small wins to help forget what mess-ups you had yesterday, and to be able to reset. Whatever the case may be, highlight all your victories when they come along, and don’t pay too much attention to whatever happened yesterday.

6. You waste your downtime.

When you take a break, fill your downtime with activities that further you toward your goals. For example, listen to a podcast about entrepreneurship during your lunch hour. This helps to keep your mind focused on the goal, and also utilizes your breaks for increased motivation.

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7. You have no system of accountability.

If you announce your goal publicly, or promise to offer something to people, those people suddenly depend on your accomplishment. They are instantly concerned for your goals, and will help make sure you achieve them. Don’t see this as a burden. Instead, use it to fuel your hard work.

Overcoming your mistakes is the first step to building healthy systems for your goals. I hope you follow these solutions to churn out more goals. Make 2019 the year where you finally achieve what you’ve been dreaming of.


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