Did you know that “A dollar spent at an independent retailer is usually spent six to fifteen times in the community before heading out of town. Just $1 can create $5 to $14 of value in the immediate area.” Amazing, huh?

This is just one of the statistics that proves the importance of indie retail in our communities.

July is Independent Retailer Month and Excelerate America has pledged to #celebrate #indieretail throughout July for #IndieRetailerMonth!  

Independent Retailer Month is a shop local event that runs annually throughout July encouraging consumers to shop at independent retailers.

We encourage people to shop independent retail year round and to use July as a time to celebrate the independent retailers that help build our economy.

Independent Retailer Month Social Media Animated Post

So today I’m giving you some ideas of how to celebrate Independent Retailer Month and promote your small business to the community.

1. Bonus buck 
Give customers a $1 coupon for every $10 they spend in your store in July. The coupon is redeemable in August.

2. Meet and greet 
Invite your customers to meet brand owners/representatives to your store.

3. Community talent 
Support local designers, artists and/or DJ’s by hosting a joint in-store activity

4. Run a contest 
Offer the chance for one lucky winner and friends to have a private shopping party

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5. Charity giving 
Offer to make a donation of 10% of the purchase price for each customer to a local community charity

6. Check-in deals 
Offer every shopper that “checks in” or tags to your store on social media an exclusive promotion in store

7. Media outreach
Proudly promote your involvement with  Independent Retailer Month to your local magazines, blogs, TV and influencers to receive coverage and help attract more customers

If you use any of these ideas or have your own, please proudly share and raise awareness of the importance of shopping local by using the #indieretail.


Emily LaDrig is the Chief Execution Officer at Excelerate America, the fun, smart services for businesses looking to level up. Share your #indieretail celebrations with Emily by emailing her at emily.ladrig@excelerateamerica.com

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