You’ve done a lot to get your business to where it is today. But it’s also important to plan for your business‘s future.

At Excelerate America, we get asked a lot by our customers, “What’s the one thing my company should be doing right now in order to see meaningful growth down the road?”

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Well, we have a few answers to this question and I'm sharing them with you today as the 8 things you can do today that will help your business tomorrow.

Number 1 is Improve Your Processes and Procedures

  • If you don’t have documented processes and procedures, you won’t have a way to improve them.
  • Make sure every process in your company has a written standard operating procedure and that your employees all have access to it.
  • Then take a process each month and look for ways to improve.
  • By the end of the year, you will have improved over 10 processes, which will have an effect on your bottom line.

Number 2 is Be Consistent

  • We always tell our customers that the most important thing they can lock down is their brand voice and tone.
  • Everything across all social channels should feel consistent and on point.
  • Consistency is how you drive people to your brand and keep them there.

Number 3 is Focus on Your Go-To-Market Strategy

  • Focus hard on your go-to-market strategy. Figure out what’s broken and fix it.
  • If your GTM is working, it’ll be easy to grow and scale your business in the long run.
  • If it isn’t, you’ll be in for a tooth-and-nail struggle every step of the way.

Multi ethnic business team at a meeting. Interacting. Focus on african-american manNumber 4 is Focus on Relationships Over Transactions

  • Transactions are a byproduct of the great relationships you’ve built with prospects, customers, and referrers.
  • Your business will grow and change, but the rock-solid relationships you cultivate will transcend whatever services or products you sell.
  • So focus on more high-value, long-term, growth-oriented relationships rather than give-and-take relationships.

Number 5 is Invest in Online

  • People are purchasing, browsing, and finding more businesses online than ever before.
  • If your online presence isn’t up to speed, you’re going to get passed by. Invest now and do it correctly.
  • Don’t skimp in the place where you can easily see the biggest growth.

Number 6 is Focus on a Specific Niche

  • It’s easy to spread yourself too thin with a new venture since there seem to be endless opportunities.
  • Achieving growth in the future is easier for startups that are able to identify a niche market that values their core competency.
  • Becoming a leader in a specific niche will naturally allow for growth if that market matures, but will also provide valuable tools and lessons for success in other markets.

Number 7 is Plan for Diversified Growth

  • When it comes to growth, many entrepreneurs make the mistake of putting all their eggs in one basket by focusing on acquiring a few large customers.
  • While this has a positive effect in the short-term, it’s not the meaningful type of growth you want.
  • Nothing is guaranteed; that one big client could leave you in the dust at any point.
  • By setting diversified growth metrics, you’ll ensure sustainability.

Number 8 is Have a Ready-to-Execute Plan

  • Having a detailed growth strategy with realistic goals is crucial.
  • Even more important is having extensively developed executions ready to go that you’ll use to meet these goals.
  • If you have goals with no way of reaching them, you’re going to miss all of your targets or spend time trying to figure them out when it’s “go” time.

Now, that is a lot of answers to one question. And we know that not every option will work for every business. But find the one or two that fit for you and start working on them.

The steps you take today will help improve your business tomorrow. So don’t wait!


Emily LaDrig is the Chief Execution Officer at Excelerate America, the fun, smart services for businesses looking to level up. Does your need help with what to focus on next? Let Emily know. She’d be happy to help. Email her anytime at 

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