Today I'm going to fill you in on 9 habits that making you earn less. Because: BOOOOO! You work hard! You deserve to keep more of that cash money!

Everyone thinks they’re being as productive as possible and may not even realize the simple, dumb things that could be costing you.

#1: Social Media

This is a no-brainer really. We’ve all been sucked into the social media vortex. But, we also know you need to keep tabs on engagement and post when you’re a small business or owner. How could you fix this? Use a social media aggregator like Hootsuite or Hubspot, so you don’t get distracted by solely going into your account and seeing other people’s posts.

#2: Limit Your Lunch

We all like to get out of the office for a break, but try not to let that daily hour turn into a daily two hour. Now, it is important to take a lunch break, but make sure to give yourself a concrete lunch window and stick to it! 

#3: Don’t Wait for the Perfect Job/Client/Project

Obviously you’re amazing and should be paid what you’re worth, doing exactly what you want to do. But in the meantime, don’t throw away the chance to make money just because a job/project/client isn’t your ideal. Use it as a stepping stone on your journey to where you ultimately want to go

Multi ethnic group of succesful creative business people using a laptop during candid meeting-1#4: Don’t Be Motivated By Money

Piggybacking off of the above: We aren’t saying there that you should take any ol’ thing! But you also shouldn’t just be working for a bottom line. Think of your work as proving your worth and the money will follow. I promise.

#5: Words CAN Hurt You

The English language is a tricky beast. Translating meaning to written words in an email or even text is trickier. So pay attention to how you write when communicating with various people in various positions.

#6: Stop the Snooze Alarm!

Sleeping in is amazing. Fact. But according to the 11 sleep habits of successful people, waking up early, consistently is key.

#7: Stop Second-Guessing

Being cautious is a good thing. Being too cautious is not.

We have a saying around the EA office and that’s “If you launch a perfect product you launch too late.” I think someone way smarter than us said that, but we use it and love it!

And it’s true- just do it! You can and should iterate and change your product or service as you go along and learn from your customers and experiences.

#8: Peace Out On Procrastination

Enough said here!

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#9: Never Get Comfortable

So let’s say you’ve reached a bottom line you’re proud of, or a position you’ve aspired to. GREAT! Now what?

Enjoying that accomplishment is obviously key at first, but don’t get complacent. You’ll be selling yourself short and leaving money on the table instead of putting it in your bank account.


Emily LaDrig is the Chief Execution Officer at Excelerate America, the fun, smart services for businesses looking to level up. What bad habits are making you earn less? Share them with Emily by emailing her at


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