Some days it is hard to know where to start when you walk into the office. You may be thinking about the list of things you need to get done today or distracted by the demands at home. You need something to divert your mind from everything (almost like a brief brain vacation!).

Having a small activity each day with either yourself or your team could help calm your mind and bring about a sound attention span. In this way, you are able to warm up your mind from the get go by forcing yourself to direct your attention on one thing and practice a sense of mindfulness.

Think of it as the warm up run before the marathon. This act creates a focused and motivated mental environment to last you throughout the workday. 

Here at Excelerate America, our small activity allows for self reflection while still involving all of our team members. We use a specific deck of cards called “The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit.” Each day we all flock to a single person’s desk and each draw a card that grants us both an animal that we can look to and a blurb about what such animal means.

IMG_3105-1If you follow @ExcelerateBiz on Instagram, you know we love sharing our Spirit Card draws.

Amidst this process you listen to your animal’s guidance be read aloud by a fellow team member and it is your job to then apply the meaning to your work flow and your day in general. It could help guide you with a specific issue you may be dealing with or simply give you a little 2D buddy to help motivate you throughout the day.

All while you are focusing your attention on one particular thing, creating that sense of mediation of mindfulness. You are also able to listen in on other coworker’s advice and, for a few minutes, take your mind off all of your responsibilities

Other activities include taking five minutes to yourself doing something you enjoy that utilizes thought and concentration. These can range from journaling for a few minutes about a particular thing to closing your eyes and focusing on your breath. The end goal is to reset and power up your brain to take on the day.

IMG_3108-1Sophia drawing the Cosmic Egg card during a recent team Spirit Animal session.

Creating a routine of this will go a long way for your productivity and overall happiness as something to look forward to in the workplace. If you ever feel yourself feeling too overstimulated or exhausted this is your brain telling you it needs a break. Time for a small activity to give your mind a breather! If such feelings comes about midway through the workday, maybe it is time for a lunch break!

One of Excelerate America’s past blog posts titled “Reclaim Your Lunch Break” speaks about the necessity of having this time for yourself. It continues upon the idea of refreshing your mind and stepping away from the work mentality for a bit. 

Reclaim your lunch break! Find out how in this episode of Tuesdays at 2.

Next time you find yourself with a cluttered and unproductive mindset, whether it be inside or outside the office, attack it! Personalize your own daily escape and treat your mind to some good old mindfulness practice. It deserves it.


Sophia Lamphier is the Business & Marketing Intern for Excelerate America, the fun, smart service for small businesses. What are your morning rituals with your team? Let Sophia know by emailing her at

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