Let me ask you a tough question: Can your business run without you?

Can you take off for a few days -- or even a few weeks -- and never look back knowing that your business will run just fine even if you're not there?

A business isn't a real business if you have to be there in order for things to get done. That's a J-O-B, not a business. 

Sure, we all have responsibilities and unique skills we bring to the business but if it can't run without you, you've actually created a liability for yourself.

For most business owners today, the most important assets you have are not your computers, your inventory or even your customers. It's your employees!

Instead, you want to build an asset -- a business that can go on without you. Here's how…

Your team is the key to 'free' yourself from the business

Take your time and hire the right people. Hiring one person is tough enough. So there's no sense in having to do it over again to fill just one position. Hiring is the most important ingredient to building the right team so you can literally 'free' yourself from the business and work on growing your business instead of working in it. 

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Next, you have to Put the right people in the right places

You want each person on your team in the right place so they are fulfilling their core competencies and doing what they do best.

If you have someone who is a good marketer, don't have them spending time handling customer calls and fulfilling orders just because the work has to get done. Or, if you have a talented customer service person, don't have that person work on research for you. 

You want your people spending a majority of their time working on those things that they do well.

Lastly, your team must have the right plan to follow. 

That's your job. They'll need processes and systems to follow, but more importantly they'll need a vision of where they're going. It's up to you to make sure everyone on your team shares that same vision and has an understanding of what their destination will look like and how they're going to get there.

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If you're going to have employees and you pay them well and you trust them, then they should be able to take care of all issues while you're out of the office. 

And basically, all you need to deal with are the top priorities or most important issues.

So there you have it. 3 tips to free yourself from work.

Now go enjoy that vacation!

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