As a small business owner, you already know the priceless value of good reviews and good word-of-mouth.

64% of all professional marketers believe that word-of-mouth advertising is the best kind of advertising.

Think how prevalent reviews have become. Do you really buy anything online without them anymore? Probably not. In knowing this, Google is making it easier for you, the small business owner to showcase positive reviews.

And when I say easy, I mean crazy easy too: Google My Business will automatically suggest positive reviews which can be shared as customer testimonials via Google Posts.

5 Easy Steps to Claim & Optimize your Business Listing on Google.
Suggestions will appear when you sign in to Google My Business, and they may even be sent to business owners in an email notification. Only recent reviews which are either 4 or 5-stars will be suggested, and business owners will have the option to edit the review before publishing it.

Another awesome feature is that these review posts will also allow you to include a call-to-action about the noted product or service.

So if there’s a rave review about a pair of super comfortable and stylish shoes someone bought through your store, you can link right to those shoes. Or the stellar service they received when your company replaced their garage door, you can link right to the page where they can set up an appointment.

Google My Business Customer Testimonial Sharing
Pretty amazing and convenient!

And it just makes sense. Makes things easier for customers and for you too.

Now this really neat tool is not available yet. Google just announced the function in mid-April. Currently, it’s being tested in quote “some countries” but it might take some time for owners to even realize it’s there and test it.  

So if you’re currently using Google My Business see if it’s available! Or keep your eyes peeled for the future roll-out.


Roy Lamphier is Founder and CEO of Excelerate Americathe fun, smart service for small businesses. Roy's passion for entrepreneurship, tech and helping small enterprises succeed are central to the Excelerate America ethos. Have you seen this new feature in your Google Business account? Let him know at 

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