A lead magnet is an offer that you place on your website in exchange for a prospect’s email address or other contact information. 

Common examples are eBooks and white papers.

So in order for a lead magnet to be successful, there’s a path that you need to put in place for customers to follow that needs to include a few items. 

First off is a Call to Action. This is the tab or button that gets visitors to follow through.

Start with a strong verb like “shop” or “order”. Using an e-book as the incentive? Then words like download or subscribe are best.

Canva - Silver Laptop Computer Beside White Smartphone on Brown Wooden TableNext is the landing page where you collect a prospect’s information. There’s usually a form to fill out where people can leave their email addresses and other contact info.

Finally, you need to decide what kind of resource you’re going to offer. That will depend on a few things like your target market and the industry or niche you’re in.

Brainstorm with your team as to the biggest problems your customers typically have then identify one specific common issue and create a resource.

Not sure what that resource should be? Here’s a few ideas:

1. An eBook

The key to a successful lead magnet is to create something that provides real value. In the case of content, like a downloadable eBook, you are going to want to provide actionable advice.

A ‘How To’ or ‘3 Easy Ways to Do (Something).’ Keep in mind the title of your book is critical. It needs to read like a one line pitch to get folks to read it.

2. A Report

These work great in a B2B environment where one business is trying to sell goods and services to another.

To develop one, you’ll want to identify a subject of intense interest to your target demographic. Then, source a quality writer to put together a 3 to 5 page report.

Another tip. Stay away from any salesy content. It needs to be educational and engaging. Quality information that is of interest to another small business owner.

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3. A Checklist

These are even more effective when you put them together in a printable format. These need to be specific like “10 Boxes to Check to Sell More on Social Media”.

These work well because they walk your prospect through the process. Keeping things simple is the key to success. The design needs to be minimal. 

There are lots of other choices. But whatever offer you use, the content needs to be easily digestible. You want to position yourself as an expert in the industry but not a boring one. 

It’s great that people are landing on your site, but unless you can actively market to those individuals – well, you’re pretty much stuck on the sidelines. 

Lead magnets are the #1 way to generate leads and grow your business online. So get to it!


Leslie Youngblood is the Creative Director for Excelerate Americathe fun, smart service for small businesses. Have more questions about creating a lead magnet? Ask Leslie at leslie.youngblood@excelerateamerica.com.

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