Driving traffic to your website is super important. But even if you do, you’ve won only half of the battle. You’ll find it more important to make sure your traffic brings results. 

Those who effectively market content are able to engage their readers and leave them wanting to come back again and again for more. This drives brand recognition and understanding of the company and shows that, regardless of what product it sells, it has something to offer them.

So today I’m going to show you how you can increase your conversions by doing a better job engaging users when they visit your website, no technical knowledge or additional training required.

1. Install a Chatbot

Artificial Intelligence is changing on-page interaction at a rapid rate. It can help you reach out to site users the moment they need help. It can also help them find a solution to their problem. 

You don’t even have to hire a developer to create a chatbot any more.

There are many tools out there that help you to easily integrate a smart chatbot with your website marketing. 

Not convinced you can do it on your own? Hire a freelancer through our friends  at Fiverr and save 20% on your gig.

2. Tweak Your Calls-to-Action

Conversions can easily be increased from within content by making Calls-to-Action a fundamental part of the article. In-content CTAs should  hook page users up by promising answers and providing solutions.

If you want to see a good example, check out Hubspot. They blend CTAs into content that is tightly related. An article on writing professional biographies may, for example, have an optin form linking to a list of templates that can be downloaded.

Entrepreneur working on her on-site engagement.3. Set up Exit Intent Popups

Exit intent popups – when they are set up well – are quite successful. They only show up when a user is believed to be ready to move on and they can include some convincing incentive winning the visitor’s heart back.

4. Create Quizzes and Polls

You need to understand your potential customers’ needs before you are able to to cater to them effectively. A quiz will enable you to generate feedback on how your business is performing while gaining insights into what customers are looking for.

People tend to love answering quizzes and most won’t mind taking some time to fill one out. This will help you decrease the site’s bounce rate. 

5. Re-Target to Re-Engage

If you are already generating some solid traffic, it may be worthwhile to investigate how you can use digital marketing remarketing (or re-targeting). This can be done in various ways but usually it comes down to displaying ads to previous visitors and customers using Facebook Insights.

When re-targeting, do the following:

  • Create a new Facebook ad to target people who visited your site
  • Use several different ads. Using a few different sizes or formats of ads, but sticking to a consistent look can help improve the possibility that you’ll draw their attention.

As more and more companies turn to innovative and fresh ways of integrating their products and brands into something that people actually want to see, the demand for not just good, but excellent content marketing becomes increasingly important for smaller companies as well.


Heidi Wilcox is a Director of Market Development for Excelerate America, the ultimate one-stop shop for entrepreneurs. Want to learn more about improving your on-site engagement? Reach out to Heidi at heidi.wilcox@excelerateamerica.com


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