Following up with buyers is a crucial part of any salesperson’s job.

Rarely will a new prospect get back to you after your first cold email, and even your best clients often need multiple touches to draw them back into a sales conversation. Both situations take time and persistence.

But how many emails should you send before you call it quits? At some point, following up too much will annoy your prospects, and it will be a waste of time.

To uncover the perfect number of follow-up emails to send, we’ve gathered feedback from a few sales experts to help us solve this riddle.

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Stephen Hart, CEO & Founder at Cardswitcher, says “If you’re cold-emailing, an average of three sales emails sent over the course of a couple of weeks is usually enough to get a good idea whether a prospect is ever going to be interested in what you’re offering.

“Any more than that and you’ll probably just be wasting your time.

While Mike Carroll, Head of Growth at Nutshell says “The best part about email is that it never has to give up. And if your sales and marketing teams are working together then it’s not a question of how many emails to send, but what email to send at what time.

“The whole point of email communication for any sales and/or marketing team is to build a story of value. If you provide value with each communication then each of those emails is an opportunity to convert.”

Entrepreneur following up with a prospect on his cell phoneFinally, Shawn Breyer, Owner of Breyer Home Buyers, says “Since we buy houses from homeowners, we have a low volume business. We get three leads per day from our websites, and we call each lead and meet with most of them in person.

We send an email every three days in our follow-up campaign. These are content articles, videos, and follow up questions.”

So How Many Sales Emails Should You Send?

According to the data, five emails appears to be the magic number.

However, some stated that they never give up, and will continue to follow-up until the prospect specifically tells them they’re not interested or asks them to stop emailing.

Ultimately, the magic number for your business will depend on your specific product or service, the life cycle of your customer, and how interested potential buyers may be. 

In any case, crafting a follow-up email sequence and continuing to test your strategy will be the key to closing more deals.


Tony Giudici is a Director of Market Development for Excelerate America, the ultimate resource for modern entrepreneurs and small business owners. What’s your magic number? Let Tony know by emailing him at

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