By Leslie Youngblood 

In a previous article, I discussed the 7 small business trends for 2019 and how one of them was that businesses will start prioritizing employee happiness more specifically.

Well you know what makes employees, and especially the newest generation of workers, happy? Working remotely.

Some of the biggest reasons that employees like to work remotely is a more flexible schedule, more family time, ability to travel and being more product and not having to deal with office politics.

While making employees happy is obviously a big reason that businesses choose to offer remote work, there are a few others that are attributing to the rise of the remote workforce.

1. Less Costly

For many companies, the cost of keeping everyone under the same roof is an expense that just keeps growing, especially in major cities such as Austin, Texas and Mountain View, California.

With remote workers, there are fewer chairs, desks, office supplies, phones, and square footage needed to run the business (Not to mention a smaller budget for snacks in the break room and birthday cakes!).

That means there’s extra money to use for team-building activities like corporate retreats and educational seminars instead. 

Team building retreats are fun!
2. Bigger, Better Talent Pool

Companies are going remote to expand their search for the perfect candidate.

Rather than having to choose from the local talent pool only, businesses can now connect with someone who has the right experience and professional skills even though they may live halfway across the world.

And, unlike having to relocate a potential employee, employers don’t have to incur any additional costs to bring them on board.

One must-have for any remote worker? Dependable tech! Dell can connect you and your team with quality IT support, laptops, drawing pads and more. Excelerate America members can enjoy special discounts too. 

3. Better Alignment With Employees

Companies are being forced to address production over presence as the ultimate indicator of value in the remote world. That is forcing people to rethink their traditional compensation plans.

As these compensation plans better align employees with the company, the overall financial picture improves. People are incentivized to the right behaviors, and both the company and employee benefit.

So, there are three really good reasons to add remote workers to your team.  Tell me in the comments, does your business have remote workers? If not, are these reasons good enough to consider it in 2019? Let me know.


Leslie Youngblood is the Creative Director for Excelerate Americathe fun, smart service for small businesses. Tell Leslie about what you think of 2019's biggest small business trends by emailing her at

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