Technology has already revolutionized the workplace, and now it's taking root in how businesses find employees.

Today, I want to introduce you to Jyve, a new platform dedicated to connecting workers with employers, is a small business's avenue to what's being called the skill economy.

Currently, Jyve works with retailers, grocers and consumer packaged goods brands. And “Jyvers” complete tasks like stocking, ordering, auditing and display building.

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While retail is its main vertical, Jyve's model could serve as a new type of employment for the future of small business.

Unlike in the gig economy, where workers are locked into one role, the skill economy consists of workers who can be effective in several roles and build their skills as they take on new challenges in different workplaces.

Access to a fluid talent pool, where workers hop from job to job and build experience, means small businesses can get quick tasks done without hiring another employee.

Tapping into a talented workforce without expending the resources to bring on another full- or part-time employee means small businesses can enjoy the productivity of a worker without the commitment. This allows small businesses to operate with small teams and tap into the skill economy when they need more support.

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In the skill economy, people can work in multiple roles and capacities based on their full skill set, and, more importantly, people can acquire new skills and broaden the number of roles that are available to them.

While still growing, Jyve is among the first platforms to give businesses access to this kind of talent pool. The company pitches it as a win-win for businesses and Jyvers: Businesses get access to task-based labor, while Jyvers can enjoy fresh work environments, fast pay, and an opportunity to build skills and improve their resumes.

In the short term, if you own a retail business or grocery store, partnering with Jyve grants you access to a valuable talent pool. If you own a different type of small business, you'll have to wait and see how Jyve expands.

The big takeaway from the emergence of Jyve, however, is the skills economy and the impact it can have on small businesses.

I hope you guys check out Jyve if is of interest to you and could help your small business.


Leslie Youngblood is the Creative Director for Excelerate Americathe fun, smart service for small businesses. If you have questions about how to get started with the skill economy let her know by emailing her at

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