Google has confirmed that they’re going to shut down Google Plus by the end of August.  

Perhaps you’ve heard this update? Or maybe you really have no idea what Google Plus is or maybe why it even matters.

But this is a big deal for many reasons.

#1: Google Plus was Google’s attempt at creating a social network, and to put it bluntly, it was a big fat flop.

Google could NOT get people hyped and engaged with Google Plus and tried all sorts of ways to boost engagement, tying it to YouTube, bundling it with Gmail, and using it as their photo storage service.

No dice: 90% of ALL sessions in Google Plus lasted less than 5 seconds.

Now compare that with Facebook’s average session length of 6 minutes, 23 seconds. Yikes!

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#2 Google only shut it down after admitting to a data security breach that they kept secret for MONTHS.

This is a big deal! Google, a name that pretty much everyone knows and trusts, LIED for months about a privacy lapse.

Facebook has been in hot water for releasing and selling peoples’ personal info. That was much worse because there were more people on Facebook

Still, the fact remains that Google experienced a security breach that left hundreds of thousands of users’ data vulnerable to possible theft.

This glitch was also identified SEVEN months before any news of it came out.

That’s a very bad look for Google.

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Some people think that Google announced the end of Google Plus to shift the negative attention away from the secret data breach.

So if you have never used Google Plus, there’s really nothing for you to do.

If you use Gmail you can check out what’s soon to go away though- Google Plus is still available when you click on your upper right block menu. It’s the red G with a plus sign a few rows down.

You can still see posts other Google Plus users share, but you’ll see a shutdown notice across the top of the screen.

If you DO use Google Plus, there are no additional steps for you to take. Your account will be shut down and you can carry on your merry way over to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

The biggest lessons here are that even behemoth’s like Google can’t recreate social network magic, and that companies will put even more emphasis on protecting customers’ data as we move more and more of our personal info online.


Emily LaDrig is the Chief Execution Officer at Excelerate America, the fun, smart services for businesses looking to level up. Tell me your thoughts on the Google Plus shutdown and the way Google handled their security breach. Reach out to Emily at 

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