This year society at large has experienced tremendous changes in the public and private sphere when it comes to boundaries, consent, and respect. The impact of #MeToo is influencing media coverage, political campaigns, and, whether you realize it or not, the environment in your office.

More generally, as a business leader, you need to consider the importance of boundaries overall for your team.

There’s a reason you’re in a leadership position! You need to set the tone in your office and make sure everyone is comfortable and productive in the workplace.

Setting ethical boundaries in your workplace means preventing harassment, establishing company culture, and encouraging a healthy work-life balance for yourself and your team.

We’re going to tell you how.

1. Establish a zero-tolerance policy for harassment

First of all, establish a zero-tolerance policy for discrimination and harassment. Anti-harassment training is an essential part of creating a healthy company culture. It might not change the reality of harassment immediately, but it will give vulnerable members of your team tools to protect themselves. It sets a zero-tolerance policy from the ground up.

Two women sitting in a meeting discussing company culture.2. Define your company culture

You know that company culture we just talked about? It needs to be defined and communicated by you directly. Be aware of your actions and make decisions within the framework of your values and principles. In doing so, you’ll showcase the importance of integrity, and your employees will follow suit.

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3. Encourage w
ork-life balance

This boundary is less interpersonal and more practical. Yet, that doesn’t mean it’s any less important! Founders of startups are at a huge risk for burnout, and it is due to a poor work-life balance.

Working hard is important, but if you want to acquire and keep top talent, you need to ensure your entire team has a balanced schedule.

Don’t hesitate to create stronger boundaries in your workplace. Setting boundaries as a leader, and in turn, helping your team set boundaries can be difficult. However, the hard work is worth it.


Emily LaDrig is the Chief Execution Officer at Excelerate America, the fun, smart services for businesses looking to level up. Do you have questions about ethical boundaries at your business? Email Emily  at

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